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Part 4

I showed my result to mum at the same moment but grandpa is not available in around. She was happy. It seems more than happy.

"wow, it is unreliable: : Then you are a member of the research team isn't it?

Yes, Mom. Anything wrong?

"No. not exactly but I have conditions."


"Yes, You are not willing to stay home. You should stay with others in the farmhouse."


"You should have to hide your Identity from colleges."

" It is OK mom . They never speak to me and am not willing to tell anything to them."

"Your morning activities should be in secret. I mean Milking and cleaning."

"It is More than ok mom. but I will find a way to complete my morning duty as it was."

"And you should know the professor will going to stay at our home."

"Sure I keep My distance from my home."

In the evening I packed my bags and place them in the upstairs room and take a key. I arrange roof top room again to watch star in night .I placed my

After a few days, I received a message about the selection and place we need to go.we need to report there before 3.00 pm the following day.

We gathered all workers and instructed them to aware my presence in the farm during my research and asked them to keep secret my identity.

I picked Nancy as our cook and Williams who help her to other things. because Nancy is a very old maid in the farm before science my birth and still she help to my mom.

At 1.30 pm I went with my light luggage to our farmhouse. I saw our course coordinator and two other people heading the way to the farmhouse. I need to pretend so start prime talk to my grandpa.

You are so early our coordinator nodes me. I make a smiley face to cover up my misuses.

Grandpa handed over the house key and introduce Nancy and William. I am pity sure my room key is not there.

I got my room before others .and shout inside and slept. Time to time I heard others voice and wondering they have come. At 3.30 pm we reported to the meeting room as scheduled I just wonder but I saw his ugly and ghost face came from next to my room. So Unlucky.

It is a small session. Grandpa and others are introduced. Professor explains our aim and his needs. Distribute a booklet among us and he explains why he picked Thiwanka as the last candidate while he earns 10th place of the exam. As his explanation it is depends the answering a compulsory question in our paper, It was Part II and essay type question. The professor himself introduce that question and he was the supervisor of paper marking. I remember the day that we sat the paper every one scrolled the lecturer.According to his information, I was the one who declared the best answer, and Thiwanka was the next best. I saw the Seneth face expression bitter when Professor calls Thiwanka's name but I am so happy. Professor seems a little bit excited while watching my Grandpa's face. But Grandpa did not notice it.

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