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Part 3

On the very first day of the exam, I can't find my desk. There is no empty desk even. So that I am waiting outside until the exam supervisor comes. I missed my revision immediately before the exam but I manage well.

"Who delete the Index Numbers?" Supervisor asked.

Everyone lifts their hand.

"Where is the other desk?"

Everyone Shakes Heads.

"This is not a school nor just school leavers. You are professionals". The supervisor Shouted.

This is very funny. I know who wants to do this. Who wants to bother me again and again. But I didn't raise any anger myself I just keep silent. I hope tomorrow or day after they will stop by themselves.

Supervisor asked me to wait and he ordered to bring one more seat to the exam hall. Finally, I got a place to sit and write the exam. Fortunately, it was the last Desk of the last row. so no one can see me.

After the exams, she wants to relax. But How.No friends No she has to relax with her farm.

"mom now you can come outside, isn't it? I asked.

"No, darling, I am unable to lift my face after all of them died "she replied sadly.

"It is Just an accident made by another person why you are so upset," I whispered.

"One day you will understand my angle. This is not a time."

This is another hidden mystery of my mom. Now I have two puzzles. My dad's Identity and accident at our farm community center.

The next morning we receive a letter from the university. It is a kind of request in order to visit our farm. So Uncle Piyasena and Ranjith introduced to repair farmhouse. It is a two-storied big house like the old Bangalow.

According to my plan, we paint the whole house in a pale white wall, Pure white ceiling, and soffit. Every room stands the name of tree and wall color given flower. all I selected a few colors of Paper Flower, Rukaththana, and off-white Corn Marigold. I put a flower plot next to the window represent the wall color of the room and paste a photo of a tree on the Entrance Door of the room

After complete the eight-rooms of the farmhouse, we re-arrange lobbies, living rooms, dining, and takes three days and we have another two more days for the inspection. So it is enough to complete some landscaping.

Grandpa stands as an owner representative and agreed to arrange a separate place for the professor. University needs another adjustment dining room modification. so we convert the upper floor dining as a lecture room.

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