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Part 2

She drives the scooter, the fastest way to get the designation, and never be late for a lecture. The university canteen is cheap enough to survivor until it reaches the home. So she totally aware of the farm before start the day and end of the day.

As her schedule she always gets down bed from early morning before with she studies and starts checking watering and milking and cleaning of the hut before cowhand arrive.he is the elder man Named Jamis and tried his best to feed them all the day. Her SCADA system of watering helps enough to water the whole farm while all waste and rainwater recycled and volumes the system. their tiny lab helps to check all water and soil quality once in a while.thanks for the mom and her old manager all of the infrastructure are quite modern and functioning well enough.

she desired to study about the farming for her further study and quit engineering things. After agreeing with her mom and grandpa finally she stands on her feet towards her ambition.

According to Senate council requirement Chamani need to write thesis to enter Master Degree of Farm Management and Sustainable Agribusiness.Finally she got eligible to enter to Postgraduate Diploma followed by Masters.

Agriculture faculty, Her batch has total 30 of student and 6 of them are girls , But all others from Agriculture faculty degree holders ..All girls and boys never care about her so she always steps behind. Her necessity of making friends and wandering around, playing things is never work out according to her manner

As her engineering exams, she never thought she can make a batch top again but she tries to learn hard to written exams. All the batch-mates didn't pass even one word to her while their study leave. One day she stepped into the library they messed up her chair with gum and finally, she found out the things in her bag also missing.

I was a member of a group 1 that belongs to 6 of them. All written work, collecting details, and analysing findings were always my duty. Each and every filed work I need to do the report writing and presentations preparing. Seneth The group leader and also a gang leader, do the presentation in front of the panel and saying everyone worked hard to complete group work. I should send him all the things before three days of submission.he never asked anything from me and he does the all submission work but I don't know he did or did not indicate my name.

From the very first day i always manage their circumstance and bad behaviour towards me. Every one thought without initial education means General Degree of Agriculture anyone cant grain their further education. But university given' a lot of paths to attend their masters without basic Degree. Not only agriculture the university conduct more program of masters for Traditional Medicine, Martial Arts, Research and Cultural Affairs. Every single day of passed she never lends good expression or word from her colleges.

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