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Part 1

Silent and dark given the devil forming of night. After wandering around the Grandma 's graveyard in the evening she sat on the bare floor of the barn hearing all whispering of bugs. the uncompleted dirty floor named her helpless and thoughtful life after her mother injured. She, Chamini Denelka was a 21 years old girl who never had a chance to say father to someone. Scene she graduated from university as an Engineer, she was lucky enough to continue her farm as an only owner and a worker. She had enough knowledge about the cultivating so she needs to have courage and wellness. She is thinking and thinking about how she would overcome such a huge challenge of her life which was suddenly drawn. she slept insidiously on the floor without going her home until the day drawn.

From the day of the accident at a farm community hall, Small and very attractive architectural piece. she decided to study hard and become an Engineer to abandon the farm life. while wandering around without friends and committed studying to be an excellent student in university she understands that the whole world is more horrible than her think.

I had a very precious life than most colleges so Why I do escape FROM IT? that accident was not a just crumble. It was a great experience. So I can Manage It. However, I still manage to have bullying around me and stay humbling. So I can win over these things easily. I can your mom's management knowledge and my engineering knowledge to develop our farm. So I need to follow books or online courses for agriculture practices.

That is why she returned after graduation.

From the very first day, she starts studying the farmland. Area Belongs, Crop pattern, buildings, and see all around for herself. those days are very rough days for her but she never gave up. She is bliss enough that her mother had every knowledge of export order and yield of field. So she abundant those crops and she creates a successive moderate plan for the next session.

Then she made a plan to changes of crops for the local market and export and special plan for stop rotation. Every year their fallow lands are increasing so they lost big money.

Then she sends to message to her Grandpa to visit her before he decided. (normally Grandpa came back at the day before planting seeds and plant for next session.)


In the morning she wakes up more tiredly and steps into a house like a kitten. she shocks in the courtyard; it is a good sign there is a small car that belongs to her Grandfather was parking over the corner of the courtyard but not driven through the garage. She ran into the house like a 5 years old girl and calling "master, master ...”. they bump into each other and hug and finally, she smiles very warmly. She yearned and say "you came here to stay with me aren't your grandpa? yes my darling he replied and hug her again.

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