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Part 7

I wake up early morning and feel hungry coz I didn't have my dinner after all. So that before going to milking and cleaning work I asked aunty to have some bite. I 've been cheerful to attain my morning duty with Uncle William But once I saw my father already at the spot I feel powerful. Because of them, works complete a bit early. I asked my father to go somewhere else.

I worked towards my personal experiment greenhouse garden.

" DAD, What did you think?"

"I Set artificial few different climate & soil conditions to grow these things and want to know how they are grown and taste different".

"These are Vegetables are these?"

"Yep, this area all is vegetable but I have another two different models for fruits and flowers. "

"So You want to experience it your own self. This is a good idea.but how you find this phenomenon in your own?"

"Because the different country has different food,soil.climate. I am attending here to identify how the humidity & mineral proportion of soil will affect food taste, color, and ailment."

"Do you believe is that so? "

"Yes. Every one of our countries tries to find more economical food and hybrid. They use to crossbreed for that. But I want to do change the nature of the soil and how things to bear with the climate. I made a dry zone and wet zone in my greenhouse. I don't believe hurry up a crop. This kind of yield for vegetables, fruits, and animals may vanish or change their aliment in years like all other things. So can we guarantee after 50 years all are in the same conditions? I mean nutrition in food?

"Hey, Kiddo I had some test results about nutrition against generations about cross-breed plants. let us study it today. Do you have any plane for the evening ?"

"No Dad It is Sunday. I have morning schedules. The evening is our most arrogant pedagogue boy.he will definitely be here before minutes because he never wants me to cover his duty. "

"Why you two are always in fighting or......... any other intention. "

What?. Are u insane? He always highlights my baseness calling me a bastard. I am a muppet to the dining table for lunch and dinner. Do you know one-day of campus we went to visit an organic farm for our assignment? I am standing all the way up there. They put all things on the bus seats before I getting in. I just sat at the footboard when we come back. at the time I fell asleep he opens the door. The bus is running on the highway I almost died. I felt road and Driver's uncle punished by the court and ban his license. The best part of the story is my presentation and assignment got the highest mark. and he comprises me that I earn it on the accident."

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