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Part 5

After Breakfast our first learning session starts and we select the name. I explain the reason I would prefer "STRAIGHT HOPE" because everyone's first name letter includes. Then the professor questioned do I have any other name. I said I'm Chamini Denelka. Professor,s face getting fade and he said we can call her "hope" hereafter isn't it boys?. But I wonder any of them want to create such a pretty nickname for me and called it. Proving my wish no one reacts. Finally, it was the name for our team, and it seems the logo also matching the name. But Rayn wants to modify the logo bit and the professor agreed.

Then Discuss day to day activity. I wonder how Seneth going to treat me as a complete enemy my schedule all were a very bad manner. Science Miss Gena also accomplished with us she pointed out some of my duties are a mismatch. Thiwanka become help hand he said he can counterwork with me at such times. So Seneth Doesn't need to change schedule But the professor said seneth is not as good as he thinks and noted Next week it should definitely better than this.

I confused to death. Today I bearly made my cleaning around 6.00 am. so I have to brother Uncle James. Aunt Nancy never makes any sense about my work but she worries a lot. I, My self change the place of the collection pit of cow dung. if I ride a wheelbarrow their everyone can see me. So Uncle James assigned another duty from hereon.

In addition to the Our Great Team Leader, my everlasting enemy's Duty list I added 2 more early hours.

Professor Invest himself with research there are no worries to presentation in front of investors every day or every week. The only thing we have to do is clear up our report and explain observations to others regularly.

Since this is a solving problem of soil sterility and becomes bad land to cultivate we had a lot of lab work. Gradually I Became capable over others Seneth Seems unhappy but others are supportive. My chemistry knowledge is most useful and I am a quick taker so Seneth getting angrier with me.

One-day professor wants to check the essence of trees in the jungle. To collect samples, we packed a lot of sample bottles with few tools. as per the prof log, the First day, Seneth, Miss Gena, and I should attend the collection and after one of them replaced to others.

we tag the tree and find the name if unable to find we put another tag and mark the place in the drawing and same time update GIS coordinate also. I teach the whole night to Arun and Isuru how to handle GIS package Seneth looks disappointed. He merely bears his jealous but unable to coverup showing.

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