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Part 2

Richard Pattington a young handsome routes from richest family in Austria. His family business enroots from different parts of nearby neighboring country.

Richard was born with diamond around his cradle, cuddled by all his family members. Fascinating with luscious catered lifestyle. Never down with tearful experiences. Life for Richard was blissful of fragrance filled with bed of roses with mind boggling events.

Richards childhood was dignified with lots of mannered principals. His lifestyle was never to be compared with locals of his township. His experience’s swayed by his father’s dominion in his province. His father’s rules were the most important in the town. He owned the lordship, most of the place in Austria.

Richard was living in a magnificent elaborated spacious castle surrounded with beautiful garden. In the middle of the garden there was a decorated fountain. There were many artistic sculptures, which was designed by famous sculptors in his town.

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