Beryllium (A Sample) (Preface, page 2 of 2)

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The molecular composition of the researchers gradually transformed and mutilated their peaceful souls into amicable, but selfish physical bodies.

The flesh eaters became outcasts and recognized as a group called Vamiens. These outcasts were locked away until cured of their carnivorous diet. Restless with their unquenchable thirst for knowledge, the Vamiens peacefully fled the Celestial community, and created a nonpareil Vamien Empire of immortal creatures with newfound power. They thrived and grew stronger through studies of energy manipulation with the natural magnetic spheres of Earth.

Celestial entities continued in attempts to save the Vamiens for thousands of years with unfaltering hope that water and sun would prevail-only to find that the Vamiens begun to replace water with meat, plants and energy absorption entirely.

Vamiens lost the ability to travel between dimensions and their origin in the boundless galaxy was slowly forgotten. Their purity was devoured by darkness.

Despair descended upon the Celestial spirits-dividing land between the Celestial and the Vamien Empire-bringing an end to peace on Earth.

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