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There was a time when Earth was pure, land was plentiful and harmony cloaked the surface of the planet. Celestial entities continuously teleported to Earth from different dimensions and back. After inhabiting Earth's terrene for billions of years curiosity led the Celestial to develop the desire to taste, and feel the vibrations of life just as animals do.

They attentively observed the magical properties of plants; coaxing them to reveal the secret of subsisting with only water and sun. The plants willingly shared their knowledge and opened a door that would eventually become their misfortune.

Slowly the Celestial focused on constructing energy to form a mass that could be used to explore-creating five senses essential to connecting with the planet's vibrations. They continued to fill themselves with the purity of water for millions of years-concocting a molecular build of ninety nine percent water and plasma.

Communication consisted of one language composed of electromagnetic waves; work was required to maintain balance and unceasing research expanded knowledge at incalculable measures. However, their growing curiosity and experimentation befouled the Celestial studies-studies of wildlife in particular which initiated a toxic change in their diet.

A dauntless institution of Celestial researchers proceeded to eat plants, and slowly progressed to a carnivorous fare of bugs and fish. When they started to feel a flux in emotion-gravely mistaking aggression as strength and power-the experimentations turned catastrophic. The Celestial pallet adjusted to a favorable taste for raw meat and larger animals.

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