Beryllium (A Sample) (Part 5, page 1 of 20)

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Part 5

"Excuse me," a girl taps my shoulder looking upset.

"Huh?" I slurp.

"You're talking in your sleep," she says with disgust. "And we're trying to study."

"Sorry," I gather my things together as she stomps away. How embarrassing. I wonder what time it is.

My watch reads a quarter to twelve. I should thank the girl who woke me up in time for my next class.

I run toward Biology trying to get my blood pumping so it'll wake me up in time for lecture.

Professor Lansky inserts a DVD about bacteria as I walk to my usual desk. I stare at the TV and let it blur a couple times-concentration is definitely not on my side today.

Who was the man in my dream? He was never there before and I've been having this dream for ten years now. Maybe it was Aiden-no, it couldn't be-this man had darker hair and he was a little more tan and muscular.

Despite the intense energy I feel around Aiden, the feeling I experienced in my dream when I saw the strange man, surpassed anything I've ever felt in eighteen years. I wanted so badly to cry out to him, but why? How could I feel so strongly about someone that doesn't even exist?

The movie ended and class was dismissed. Thank goodness the professor didn't lecture today.

I walk to the cafeteria thinking about the mystery man the whole way. Why does it feel like I love him? This is ridiculous. I've never been in love before-at least not in this lifetime.

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