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Part 2

We used to fight a lot about stupid stuff, but he's twenty three now and has matured a lot. Cayce was the typical popular jock in high school and played every sport but badminton. It's uncanny how people are drawn to him in a way that's almost hypnotic, but it's funny because he's so oblivious to his wit and charm. He was always and still is really lucky too. Powerful business men and women willingly took him under their wing throughout high school and college-teaching him everything they knew.

Cayce always looked for ways to make money for the family. Growing up without a father made it hard on us financially so in high school he would order clothes and toys in bulk from random wholesalers, then sell them at swap meets or yard sales. As soon as he saved enough money for a laptop, he became an e-trade guru and was able to cover the rent and most of the food.

Now, after many successful business endeavors, he's the president of his own event coordinating company.

I rarely get to see him, but he calls all the time to check in. Especially, since I started college. Sometimes when I get upset or stressed he calls-even if he has already called that day. It's like he has a sixth sense.

Which reminds me-I should let him know mom and I are going to Venezuela, or he'll be pissed if we wait and tell him last minute.

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