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Part 2

Los Angeles traffic is the worst-especially when you drive with manual transmission. However, I always try to remind myself that the traffic is definitely worth being a UCLA Bruin. It took a lot of hard work to get the grants that I did, and I didn't want mom to stress about the tuition so I took as many AP courses I could. Now, there's really only three years of college left, and thanks to financial aid, things are looking up.

Unlike my brother, I was always kind of a loner-not by default, but by choice. Besides my passion for basketball, kids my age were interested in other things. Parties, sex, drugs and rise in social status seemed to be the favorable trend in high school. Basketball, documentaries and books were my forte, so it was difficult to relate to them.

Plus, I was born with these weird birthmarks on my body that look a lot like burn marks, so I usually just call them scars. The one on my neck looks like a tomahawk nailed me. I knew it freaked people out at school, but they were too nice to say anything. I always got a kick out of watching people try to focus on the areas of my face that that aren't scarred, but it's like when someone has a huge zit on their face…you can't help but stare at it.

The one thing I'm grateful for is my long black hair and bangs. It hides most of the marks on my face, but I still pretty much keep to myself to spare everyone else the awkwardness. Besides, all I really care about is knowledge-about everything, so the social aspect of my life never bothered me at all. Especially because I have three amazing friends and a really cool brother, Cayce.

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