Beryllium (A Sample) (Part 3, page 1 of 5)

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Part 3

I look to see who made the stupid comment-annoyed-because now I don't have lunch. As I try getting up I lose my balance and fall backward. Big strong hands catch me by the shoulders and pull me up.

"Whoa!" I gasp.

"Damn, you must drop your lunch all the time," he says playfully. "You weigh less than my nine-year-old nephew."

Un-amused I slowly turn to face my hero. My jaw falls open. I could feel the blood from every inch of my body flow to my face. Aiden Knight. The senior star basketball player is looking down at me with a huge smile plastered on his gorgeous face.

I've watched every basketball game throughout his college career-implementing his fundamentals into my own game. Watching him helped me lead my high school basketball team into becoming freeway league champions for three consecutive years. Annual UCLA basketball tickets were always graciously placed under the Christmas tree with my name on it.

Standing at 6'5" he towers over most of the students at UCLA-always standing out in a crowd-as if his model-like face wasn't enough to draw attention from every girl on campus. Aiden is chiseled to perfection but not to a point where he looks pretty. There is definitely a rugged look to him because of the short scruff that always hugs his face. His hair is always cut short and carries a light brown tint that makes his green eyes look like there are flakes of gold in them.

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