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Part 1

“Fathdu have you considered the stranger’s proposal?” Uncle Gora asked as the other villagers dispersed.

“You are not getting any younger Fathdu and we need you married off before the Villagers accuse us that our family is under a spell.” Uncle Bora added.

Fathdu, stung by Uncle Bora’s statement responded:

“We should be celebrating Tha for meting out justice to Lakosi. Or is my marriage now worth more being celebrated than our god?” She asked rhetorically.

“See, the stranger came into town last night and he claims he is from beyond the East of the forest. Lakosi believes him because he speaks our dialect and tells him stories about the East that our Ancestors told. I just sense this man is dubious because the old storyteller claims he was exiled when she was five.” She tried to convince her uncles that the stranger was phoney.

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