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Part 1

Bebiandu walked brazenly into Tha forest as the Council of Disbandment, twenty villagers of fifteen men and five women, a few family members of hers; Aunties Fathdu, Cathwa and Shareende, and Uncles Boro and Gora watched her disappear into the forest. The watchers were forbidden to wail, groan or express their feelings, while outcasts were forbidden to look back as they journeyed through the passage of the forest. Like many other Exiles before her, Beniandu could not tell whether her watchers were enthusiastic or apathetic.

After Beniandu disappeared, Aunty Fathdu, an unattractive unmarried woman in her thirties clutched twenty-year-old Aunty Cathwa’s thin hands and whispered into her ears:

“Tha has meted out justice. Lakosi would not rule forever.”

Aunty Cathwa nodded and walked away from the scene with Aunty Shareende, while Uncles Bora and Gora approached Aunty Fathdu:

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