Bang (Revenge) (Part 1, page 3 of 9)

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Part 1

I ran my fingers through my dark waves that fell on my bare shoulders, wondering if she had the same rich hair color. I highly doubt that. She was probably a blonde or a brunette.

Chirstopher Blake's eyes met mines in the mirror pinning me in place as he walked over towards me. My fingers gripped the edge of the island dresser tightly. It took all of me not to break down and cry.

To turn and scream at him. To continue the role of unemotional wife to a man that was once the beacon of my admiration.

"Mmm. You smell good." planting his nose in my hair.

I clenched my fist in a tight ball, concentrating on the burn of my finger nails as he drags my hair aside, kissing my neck.

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