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Part 2

Blaise ran his hand through his dark curls and braved a look in the mirror. His scratchy beard matched the feeling in his throat. Late nights on the road then a sudden change in weather had brought on some cold symptoms. Dreaded foe of the entertainer. He had not played this town in a couple of years, and the crowd had loved him. Now he could melt into ten days of a more leisured pace. Music City offered studio time and hanging with other musicians. If he had to get a cold, might as well be now. He rubbed his eyes and called room service for toast and tea. Dang- if only Americans could get tea right! He walked through the suite pulling on scattered jeans and a t- shirt for warmth. Then, a quick check to reassure any over night guests were gone. His manager was pretty good about looking after those details. John Dechert had been with him for five years now and knew Blaise didn't care much for morning after conversation. Morning- huh- He looked at the clock. It was three thirty in the afternoon. He needed the tea and a shower quick before John picked him up for a meeting with a local promoter. He checked his cell phone. He had missed a message from John. Something about a charity gig, a local fundraiser.

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