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Part 1

"Don't forget your sweater this time."

Marge always meant well, but Fleur felt a moment's annoyance as she checked her lipstick once more before leaving the shop. At twenty-five, let's face it. She wasn't a kid.

"Got it! I'll be back before the noon rush."

Livingston was a small urban setting, and the card shop still managed to attract a steady flow of mostly women during the workday lunch break. Although Marge had owned the shop for ten years now, she would have her hands full.

Out on the street, Fleur's feet met the crisp crunch of newly fallen leaves, and she smiled. The summer autumn cusp was yielding to cooler mornings and evenings with a hint of color in the trees. She picked up her pace a bit as the air nipped around the edges causing a few goose bumps. She pulled the dark sweater tighter

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