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Part 1

Or maybe he was taking this thing a little too far, "Hey, Ash!" Nicholas shouted.

"What is it Nicholas?!" I shouted back.

"We found something that Nicholas doesn't like!" Taylor shouted.

"Is it another female Angel?!" I questioned.

"Yes it is Ash!" Taylor shouted again.

This female was in a great amount of danger, so I had started running quickly. Trying to get to her first, way before she was attacked and chased away by Nicholas and his weird behavior. The trees, logs, and grass were in the way of my own path. It was going to be a long while before I actually got there, but now I had finally jumped over the last log. And saw that Nicholas was already attacking the Angel with white wings, her hair was a bright blond. Unlike anything I've seen before, but Nicholas was already in his wolf form. Growling angerly at her, and his brown fur was standing on end. With his growls getting louder by the minute, or in this case the second. "Nicholas, stop!" I shouted.

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