All AbOuT LovE (Part 2, page 3 of 4)

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Part 2

Alice: Yes i will thanks.

Emma: Bye..

Alice: Bye...Emma.

Finally I've arrived to my country. (haaah...!!!)

Hello uncle...!! soo happy to see you..(Don't tell anyone now that we have already arrived...)

(In the car seeing around) how beautiful

Surprise Grandma, How are you..??

Hello everyone.

(The occasion is going to COME..)

(Ahhh it'll take time for me to settle here of course because I'm coming after an year after all but it'll be OK after I met Emma...)

So the occasion is going to come...hmm I've to buy many things...

So lemme ask uncle to take me to the mall.

So shopping is done. Good!

(The next day)


Oh no lemme text Emma..

Alice: Hy Emma are you and everyone OK what happened at the hospital..??

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