All AbOuT LovE (Part 2, page 2 of 4)

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Part 2

Alice: Hy Emma guess whats today..??

Emma: I know i know its your friends birthday right..??

Alice: I knew you'll forget but this time i guess you're lying right..?

Emma: Ok fine you caught me this time so have you reached airport..??

Alice: Nah not yet I'm still at home...well are you going to pick me at the airport..??

Emma: Sorry..!! i won't be able to pick you today actually i have to go to the hospital.. :(

Alice: No problem its ok so uncle will be there right..??

Emma: Yes of course uncle will be there..i guess we're going now to the hospital so talk to you later.

Alice: Ok take care.

Emma: I will take good care of myself you also take care of yourself and everyone an have a very safe journey.

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