A teachers affair (Part 5, page 2 of 3)

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Part 5

Was he always this blunt? I wonder.

"Hurry up before I throw you over my shoulder and carry you."

His place was huge and had this dark and gloomy thing to it. I loved it. when I walked into his place and he Immediately lifted me up so that my legs were rapped around his waist. He started to kiss my neck and I felt his hard cock grazes my clit.

"What no whine ad small talk?" I asked in a sarcastic tone.

"Very funny." he said as he walked upstairs.

He spread me down on his bed and began kissing my stomach. He lifted my shirt over my head and not long after that my pants were gone as well. I was laying there exposed and naked. He stopped kissing me, looking me up and down he whispers

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