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Part 1



JJ Kendrick



Kat skimmed her index finger over the foam on her cappuccino, still too hot to drink. The slow deliberation used licking her finger was more a stall tactic than an attempt to extend the enjoyment. Kat never prolonged any experience, good or bad. It was either ‘Go for the gusto!’ or ‘rip the band aid off and deal with it’.

Julia, her work-out buddy, sat across the table, arms folded, waiting for a response. The women had just survived a weekly Tabata class and were enjoying their post-exercise ritual at the local coffee shop.

“Yes, Bill was in favor of me selling the business and retiring, but I knew he would eventually resent the decision, and true to form, he has. Plus, I don’t think he ever expected me to become so involved in my writing.”

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