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Part 1

After coming back from vacation Mac and Kim recieved a text from Sheriff Johnson to meet him at the local pancake shop to talk instead of the station which in itself was a little strange but then maybe the sheriff was asking for a personal favor that had nothing to do with work. Mac told Kim at least we'll get some free coffee and at least listen to the sheriff. Kim informed Mac the last time they met the sherif at the pancake shop he wanted them to teach his teenage daughter how to drive which was some thing they both said they would never do again.

She lost control of the car driving too fast when they both told her to slow down and took them into a pig's pen. Now it seemed funny but back then it wasn't so funny. Kim asked Mac Is his youngest child old enough to drive. Mac laughed and replied we should be safe for awhile he's only ten. Kim smiled and replied okay we'll go. When they got to the pancake shop sheriff Johnson was waiting with a file in his hand. He handed over a file that had three murder cases in it.

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