A story of love (Part 3, page 2 of 5)

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Part 3

Chavi turned to look at her husband, ”Hurry up!” she said and turning to her sister , muttered, ”He’s a little slow but a good man.”

Manvo grinned at her sister. Jiju, she thought, adored Chavi and would do anything to keep her happy.


Manvi had luckily enough, managed to get a room as a paying guest at a house close to her college. She hadn’t wanted to trouble her sister by staying at the 1 BHK they lived in, what with the constant deluge of Jiju’s folks turning up constantly to get a taste of city life! The PG was owned by a middle aged widow and she had to share a room with two other girls. Not a problem, thought Manvi cheerfully. She was an outgoing person and enjoyed making friends. After her sister had bid her a tearful goodbye, and had extricated a promise from Manvi that she would turn up WITHOUT FAIL every weekend! Her husband stood a safe distance away, pretending that he had no idea who they were.

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