A story of love (Part 6, page 2 of 4)

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Part 6

Rajat stood up, clapping his hands.

Manvi folded her arms and glared at him. What a fool, she thought derisively.

“Girls, girls, girls!” he said importantly, ’we want you to learn to respect us and for that, we have designed a series of exercises for you. First, “here his eyes gleamed nastily,” the Pole Dance Item!”

Manvi stiffened. The other girls squeaked in alarm.

“You first!”, he ordered Manvi who continued to stand stiffly. Tej watched her; this would teach the little smartass, he thought

She spread her hands, and blinking her lashes in fake innocence, said, ”But I come from a town where we don’t know what Pole dance means!” and added, in a hesitant manner that fooled no one, ”Could you show me, please, how it’s done?”

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