A story of love (Part 11, page 2 of 3)

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Part 11

Later, Ankit had come over to where she stood, drinking straight from the bottle and watching the other dancers during a break in her routine.

“You don’t need to get angry on my behalf,” he said stiffly.

Rounding on him, her green eyes spitting fire, Manvi had lashed out, ”You don’t have a problem but no one has the right to say such ugly things about another person”

Smiling, Ankit had given her a quick grin and soon, a bond was formed. Once, he told her that he also helped out at an NGO which worked for kids living in slums. His task was to hold contemporary dance classes for them, and he said, “I simply love those kids! They are so enthusiastic and full of life, although they have maybe a fraction of the amenities we take for granted.”

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