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Part 1


Grace Van Putin neatly stacked her papers in the den, a den she had grown to love. It had become her comfort zone since her husband’s death nearly twenty years ago. Grace, in her, mid-seventies, had a humped back and lots of sweaters that told her age. The sweaters were outdated, dull and withered. They were stained, some torn. She never walked without her cane. “Sammy,” she would affectionately call it.

Two cubes of sugar and a dash of lemon juice was all Grace put in her tea in the morning. Then a red lipstick stain would appear on the tea cup, and she was half through her morning routine. Her bath was next, so she ran water into the tub along with a lavender bubble mixture. In the prepared tub, Grace was having a soothing bath. The water was comfortable, relaxing, and satisfying. Closing her eyes at times, Grace enjoyed a perfect bath.

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