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Part 7

Chapter Seven

Clark tearfully packed his wife’s belongings into a suitcase. The children, Brook and Donny stayed with their grandmother. His mother became the children’s angel in time of their grief.

Lucy the next-door neighbor was helping Clark with the transition when the doorbell rang. She introduced herself as Detective Hathaway.Once inside the house, Lucy led her upstairs to Clark’s bedroom where she waited for the okay to come in. Margo stood there in her pressed levy jeans on and a gold sweater to compliment her jeans. “Hello, detective, Margo greeted him softy and gave her sympathy for his lost. Clark, however, abruptly cut her off; he appeared to be irritated and short tempered.

Clark explained he was sorry and collected his thoughts. Once he regrouped, Clark told his knowledge of that day in question. He said Paige had a routine she never broke.

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