A Flawless Presence (Part 3, page 1 of 2)

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Part 3

Copyright. All rights reserved by Jacqueline Robinson 2015.

Chapter One

Holding a file at pants and zipper length, an officer places the file on Margo’s desk, she, however, was on the computer barely having time to look up; eventually she did, thanking the officer as she bit into her finger nail. The file contained information about a homicide –it happened last night –it was the murder of Grace Newhart. Looking at the file, she was killed with a knife. Grace was seventy-eight years old and she had come to Horse dale some three months ago. The crime scene suggested the killer was trying to say something, but what if anything?

The University of Miami was where Margo graduated from. Criminal Justice was her major, and she enjoyed fishing and sun bathing. Margo had blue dreamy eyes and blonde shoulder length hair; she could go for being her mother’s twin. Her mother died from breast cancer recently. Margo travelled to visit her dad frequently; the travel separated her from work life and family life.

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