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Part 3

"FYI(for your information), you are the only girl i know that has Raphael drooling after her and isn't into him"Emily said to Lizzy on a Saturday morning while they were doing their laundry at Emily's mansion. Her parents are both workaholic, never had time for their daughter but always satisfy her financial needs.

"No he's not , it's called flirting, that's what he's doing because he is a flirt"




"Spill it"

"Okay, Are you sure there is nothing going on between you two? I mean,i know you said there is nothing but it's confusing"

Not getting her point, Lizzy asked "what's confusing?"

"Ever Since you and Raphael's mysterious meeting two weeks ago, you two have grown more closer, now if he's not FLIRTING as you said with the girls, then he's with you"

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