A fantasy (Part 2, page 2 of 3)

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Part 2

"But I'm not offended because I know you are also attracted to me, and you will end up falling for me like the rest of the girls"

"Not even in your dreams will that ever happen"

"Is that a challenge?"

"Call it whatever you like"

"So what's the name of this damsel challenging me?"

"Elizabeth Hansel"

"Lovely name, can I call you lizzy?"

"Only my friends call me that"

"Then consider me your friend, Truce?"

Pretending to think about it "okay truce"

"I'm Raphael"

"Seriously? Who doesn't know that? Right now even the school is about to change it's name to Raphael."

They both laugh

"I like girls like you"

"please don't because I don't like ill mannered guys like you"

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