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Part 1

Elizabeth Hansel is an ordinary girl that wants to fit in to the world she lives in.


I am 5'6inch Tall, a little bit chubby *well according to me* dark in complexion. I am 18,I'm in my first year in latex university. And I think am finally in love again even though i once thought it not possible. And I really want to tell the whole world. Before I start my tale let me tell you he's a white guy and i 'm a African. The story starts........

I was 16 almost 17 years old. In my S.S. preparing for my WAEC (west Africa examination council). I was sitting alone and trying to revise all we were thought in class, but the noise was not helping most especially the one's coming from my friends. They will not stop talking about Raphael (the black American guy we met at the club yesterday). Club? Yea I do not do clubs but I had to go for Emily Patel's birthday (my classmate). Back to Raphael he is the ladies guys, in among yesterday and today he already broke two hearts. The annoying part is except me, the whole girls in class wants to be his girlfriend. While some girls were daydreaming about him, some were crying because he broke their heart and the others are happy because he asked them out. No I am not a saint, Raphael is truly handsome and has the everything a girl can ever wish for in a guy except for his way of life and his 'going for anything under skirt'(according to me). Hash tag i like Raphael too but he is way of life makes me avoid him because I do not do bad guys. So back to when I was sitting alone, the noise was becoming so annoying that I could not take it again I had to leave there for somewhere more peaceful and quiet. So l went to the school's rooftop and like I predicted the place was empty, quiet and peaceful until Raphael Came and this time he was alone and that makes me nervous....... My god! I get to be with Raphael alone and it seems he is coming over to were I am......

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