A Dark Romance (Nightcreature Novel) (Part 6, page 3 of 22)

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Part 6

Even Donald had taken the news pretty well even though it grossed him out just like it did Catherine.

“Yes, I'm fine, like I've said before, don't worry.” He reassured her.

“Oh, alright sir, but if there is anything you need, be sure to holler for me, ok?” She said with a frown.

He nodded and then she left his room, leaving him alone in his thoughts. Dante laid back and gazed up at the plain ceiling that seemed to draw him in. He put his arms behind his head and crossed his legs at the ankles. Closing his eyes, images of Elaina fluttered behind his eye lids. An image of her standing with her arms casually behind her back popped into his mind. A wide smile appeared upon her face, her pearly white teeth flashing beautifully. She didn't seem to be blind. Her beautiful sky blue eyes shined with mystery and warmth, seeking something that made her very much happy indeed. She wore a black tank top that fit to her upper body that was decorated with three white buttons and a pair of jean shorts that had a black belt looped through them. He licked his lips at the sight of her long slim, but very feminine legs that seemed to beg for his touch. Shaking his head, the image seemed to dissolve. He would see her soon, very soon. Just before drifting off, a grin appeared on his face. He would make the best of his next visit.

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