A Dark Romance (Nightcreature Novel) (Part 6, page 1 of 22)

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Part 6

Dante treaded up the stairs to his room. The night had been long and pleasant. He threw himself down onto the bed and began to think of Elaina. He couldn't deny these strange feelings he felt for her. He found it to be unbelievable that whenever he was in the same room as her, he became weakened. Heck, even the urge to touch her was too great. Before meeting her, he was cold and ruthless, never giving a damn about anyone or anything. A knock sounded at his door, breaking him away from his thoughts.

“Come in.” He spoke aloud.

The door slowly creaked open, revealing Catherine with a worried expression upon her face.

“Mr. Corwell, excuse me for being a bother, but is everything ok sir?" She asked with concern.

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