A Dark Romance (Nightcreature Novel) (Part 5, page 2 of 23)

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Part 5

“So pretty.” She nearly whispered as she continued to gaze up at them with wide eyes.

“You're much prettier though.” A man said behind her.

Surprised, Elaina looked over her shoulder at the man who invaded her sweet and magical dream. She gaped at him, still surprised to see what appeared to be one hell of a sexy man who seemed to pop up in her dream.

“Are you just going to continue staring or what?” He asked with a smirk.

He seemed amused by her expression and interested in her body by the way he looked her up and down slowly with a heated hunger in those eyes of his. A grin appeared upon his handsome face, making him look devilishly sexy. She felt naked and reacted by trying to cover her figure with just her hands. A blush crept up upon her cheeks. His grin widened, seeming pleased by her reaction. She swallowed hard and looked into his beautiful emerald eyes, Emerald. She thought of the man who had saved her from death's clutch, Dante. Could this guy be him?

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